About Those Occupiers

The “Occupy Wall Street” protest/1960s nostalgia tour continues. Some of it is funny, while other aspects are kind of sad with respect to the incoherence of the protesters. Let me be clear [to quote a current president]: I have my concerns about Wall Street malfeasance as well, but those concerns center on the manner in which some Wall Streeters conduct themselves, not the capitalist system itself.

Capitalism cannot control all greed. The system works beautifully when it is carried out with Biblical principles; it fails when selfishness takes over. But that still makes it better than socialism, which fails every time. If you don’t think so, just remember the former Soviet Union, all the Eastern Bloc countries that it controlled, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. The story is the same wherever it is tried—utter failure.

Yet these protesters seem to want [as much as one can make out at all what they really want] a large government to take care of them. They call for the destruction of the capitalist system. They claim that profits are somehow immoral. But if you look closely, you see a lot inherent contradictions:

There’s something more than a little juvenile about their attitude:

They’re attempting to turn back the clock to the anti-Vietnam, anti-establishment protests of the 1960s, which were in themselves rather juvenile. The current protests come across similarly immature:

One might wonder what’s become of common sense. One cartoonist captured that sentiment:

Ideology, angst, and rage were on display rather markedly the other day, yet most of the mainstream media ignored it:

The hypocrisy of attacking corporations was most clearly depicted in a photo that has been making the Internet rounds:

Foolishness personified.