A Place at the Feeding Trough

Yesterday’s post highlighted the lack of civility we’ve been hearing from one side of the political spectrum. One of the examples I gave was Teamster President James Hoffa. Sometimes the best cartoons show up after I comment on an issue or event. Like these:

The large unions are the greatest beneficiaries of President Obama’s largesse. Stimulus money flowed into their coffers. If he should happen to be voted out, they lose big time. In order to maintain their prominent place at the feeding trough, they will pull out all stops. Of course, they have good reason to be worried:

That’s why the president took to the airwaves last night to awe the nation with his breathtaking initiatives to turn things around:

Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? Oh, that’s right—in nearly every Obama speech for the last three years. Sure has worked wonders thus far, hasn’t it?