Another Disaster on the Way?

We must always keep a sense of proportion. Hurricane Irene was pretty large, but it is dwarfed by an even larger storm.

The president does have the pulse of the nation’s hardships, I’m sure:

What should we brace ourselves for next? What other disaster looms on the horizon?

Yes, Congress will be returning soon, and we’re told that President Obama will be unveiling his “new” economic recovery plan, and he may even put it in writing and present it to Congress. We’ll have to wait and see. Will it be a major new legislative initiative or merely another speech saying the same things he has said for the past two and a half years? We’re all in suspense over this one, right?

As the economy continues its downward trajectory, the dollar is endangered even more:

The president’s approval rating steadily declines, but maybe there’s a silver lining for him with that news:

Yes, I know I went overboard with the cartoons today, but they were far more eloquent than I could ever be.