An Economic Roundup . . . in Cartoons

The economy has been everyone’s preoccupation, what with the debt/budget deal earlier this week, the stock market freefall on Thursday, and the continuing bad jobs reports. And late last night, I saw where S&P downgraded the nation’s credit rating from triple A to double A, which has never happened before. Congratulations, President Obama, for achieving something no other American president ever achieved.

Let’s take the cartoonists’ pulse on economic-related news, starting with the real accomplishment of the debt deal:

Too pessimistic? How about this one?

I think this proves you can stimulate a patient to death. Well, how are things going on the jobs front?

What do you do when this is all you have to show for your efforts?

Ah, yes, the same theme that has dominated the Obama presidency from the beginning—it’s someone else’s fault. Well, the president has a solution to the problem:

But if you were to press President Obama for who is really to blame, I have a feeling he’d point to the real culprits:

I don’t know—I think I like those “extremists.” They did pretty well without his guidance.