Media Groupies

We’re still waiting for a vote in the House on the Boehner bill. It was supposed to be last evening, but it has been put off, I understand, to tweak it some more. Hopefully, the tweaking that is going on will give it more muscle so that the rest of the Republicans can feel comfortable voting for it. If you look at this whole episode without undue bias, one thing you have to admit, no matter which side you’re on, is that Republicans are certainly working hard on the debt issue. Can the same really be said of the Senate, which has not passed a budget for more than 820 days? Or for the president, who offers nothing concrete, but spends most of his time campaigning and attending fundraisers? I think his tactics are captured rather well here:

There have been some tense moments in the White House briefing room lately, with some reporters apparently growing a semblance of a spine, but overall, the media—otherwise known as Obama groupies—are still in love with their anointed one:

Anyone read the New York Times lately? Be sure you know where to go to find it:

And if you really want to see the true nature of this media, just wait. If Sarah Palin decides to run . . .