Captain Greece?

I think President Obama’s Monday evening address was an attempt to make it seem like he’s still the key person in the debt debate, when in fact he has been left in the dust. He has never laid out a specific plan, yet castigates those who do, all the while blaming them for an impending crisis. His character seems to be pretty fixed—blame everyone but himself for problems. I’ve often commented that he lives in a fantasy world; he isn’t doing anything to change my impression.

He’s been abandoned by his Democrat colleagues on the issue of revenues. Let’s call them what they really are—tax increases. Even the flawed Reid bill doesn’t add any new taxes. On that issue, he’s standing alone now. Of course, that doesn’t mean his political friends don’t want to raise taxes anymore. They just know it won’t fly with the electorate, and they desperately desire reelection. Obama, though, hasn’t gotten the message.

Unless he wakes up, he’s going to earn a new title: