An Upside-Down World

The last two days I’ve pretty much displayed my lack of faith in the American electorate. I won’t belabor that today, but I did find some political cartoons that express well a number of things on my mind presently:

In case you missed the reference in that last panel, Obama, in one of his dreary press conferences this past week, actually maintained that 80% of citizens agree with him that taxes have to be raised. In this case, I’m siding with the people: there’s no way that many believe that. The president is hoping that if he is brazen enough in his assertions, they will become reality. Of course, he always has the media to prop him up. If you’re wondering how he can stay as high as he does in the polls, there’s an easily identifiable reason:

That only works when the electorate is willing to suspend disbelief.

I wish the press would press a little more:

Are Congress and the president doing their jobs in the debt ceiling debate?

Why has it come to this again? What has led us to this precipice?

And yet the media proclaim him as the “reasonable” one in the debate, as opposed to those “extremist” Republicans who seek to lower the debt, cap spending, and mandate a balanced budget. In real life, those goals are laudable. In government, they pass for ludicrous, apparently. The world has turned upside down.