Pressing the Dislike Button

Facebook has its “Like” button; I’m choosing to press a “Dislike” button today in my blog.

How much do I dislike President Obama’s stance on economics, the budget, and the debt talks? Let me count the ways.

First, I dislike his view of how to handle a budget:

Is that really the way he would handle his personal finances? If not, why handle the nation’s that way? If it is the way he handles personal finances, he has no business leading a country.

Second, I dislike the overt hypocrisy he displays:

There’s probably a whole lot of covert hypocrisy taking place as well, but I don’t know about that—it’s covert.

Third, I dislike his scare tactics and menacing words. They kind of come across in this way:

Finally, I dislike his disingenuousness. He claims to really want to bring the nation back to economic health, but I think he has an ulterior motive:

I could probably think of more, but that’s enough for today. You probably have your own you can add.