Have Republicans Learned Their Lesson?

The last I heard there’s supposed to be a big meeting again tomorrow about the debt ceiling and how to proceed with government spending. President Obama, before the last meeting, told all participants to leave their talking points at the door, then promptly disgorged his own talking points with reporters. The hypocrisy is so blatant I remain amazed that his approval rating can still be in the 40s in the polls. This would sink a Republican simply because the media would pound it into the populace without restraint.

Since the economy is the top of the news right now, I’ve decided to set a record of sorts today for my blog. I’ve written a lot this past week. Today I’m going to let the cartoons carry the commentary more fully than I ever have before. Get ready for a lot of them that I’ve been storing. They’re all relevant to what’s happening.

Remember when Chris Wallace asked Michele Bachmann if she was some kind of flake? I’m waiting for the really courageous reporter to do this:

Valid question, I think. And what would happen to all those jobs if the government came down on corporate jet companies?

So what is the president’s strategy when he makes comments like those?

I think his real concern is rather easy to discern:

Things really haven’t been going too well:

Do we have any reasons to trust him?

So now Democrats and Republicans are in negotiation to figure out how to make the economy work again. There’s just one small problem:

I get this uneasy feeling that we’ve been here before, thinking that there is an agreement, only to have a trick pulled by the Democrats. This image keep coming to mind:

I hope I’m wrong, and that the Republicans have learned their lesson better than Charlie Brown ever did.