Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, has been making news with her mouth. Every time she opens it, she seems to spark controversy, even hilarity. She’s said the Ryan plan to save Medicare would be a “death trap” for seniors; she’s concluded that Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood are anti-woman; and she’s accused Republicans of wanting to bring back Jim Crow laws because they are racists.

Her latest contribution to political discourse is one part honest, one part delusional. She commented that Democrats have turned the economy around [that’s the delusional part] and that they now own the economy. That last statement is absolutely true. Nice to see someone no longer blaming Bush nearly three years into the Obama reign. Republicans actually don’t mind if she remains in her high-profile position—she’s an advertisement for why more Republicans are needed in Congress and why this president needs to be replaced.

The delusion that this economy has “turned around” is widespread in the administration, and the problem starts at the top:

Why no real recovery? Well, it can’t be the Obama policies. Must be some kind of conspiracy. Cue the Anthony Weiner excuse:

The nation, meanwhile, looks to the future:

Maybe this time the change we get will also revive hope.