Why No Recovery? Here’s the Answer

Last week, the president attempted to explain why the economy hasn’t recovered yet. First of all, that’s interesting, simply because the summer of 2010 was officially dubbed “Recovery Summer.” Hmm, what happened to that?

Obama said there are headwinds against that recovery, and then went on to blame gas prices and problems in other parts of the world—anything but his own policies.

That phrase—bumps on the road to recovery—gave the cartoonists a lot to work with:

I didn’t need to see how his policies were going to work; I already knew ahead of time that they wouldn’t because they violate sound economic principles. We are now three years into a recession that has the highest unemployment since the Great Depression, and there is no genuine recovery in sight. The reason? Obama’s policies are burying us deeper into it, in the same way FDR’s policies did in the 1930s. The New Deal never brought prosperity because it couldn’t; the Obama Raw Deal won’t do it either.

As a nation, we are about to go bankrupt, yet he wants to continue spending, both on the domestic side and on foreign aid:

We also want to bail out Egypt and send more billions. A rather fascinating poll of Egyptians, however, shows that the majority over there don’t want our money. Let’s grant them their wish.

All of this should sink any chance for Obama’s reelection. He’s going to need a lot of help in other ways:

This is the most wonderful opportunity the Republicans have had in a long time. Throwing Obama out of office in 2012 should be a slam dunk. Yet there is the possibility they could blow it anyway. How? By nominating the wrong person to challenge the Obama agenda.

Wake up, Republicans.