Want to Find a Good Book?

My website is more than just a blog, although the blog is where I devote most of my attention on a daily basis. For instance, you can find at the top and on the right sidebar a link to “Recommended Reading.” I’ve taken the time to provide annotations on what I believe are some of the best books available on American history, world history, public policy, and education. I have another category called “general,” which includes the best overtly Christian titles and selected issues such as psychology.

I recently updated the American history, public policy, and general pages. For American history, you can now see my take on an excellent treatment of Lincoln during the time between his election and inauguration, Sarah Palin’s autobiography Going Rogue, and a highly acclaimed revisionist history of the Great Depression. If you haven’t ever visited the page, I encourage you to check it out. You may find some treasures you didn’t know existed.

On the public policy page, I’ve added in Mark Steyn’s America Alone, which regular readers of this blog will recognize, as I’ve been quoting from it periodically for the last couple of months.

What else? Palin’s America By Heart is there, which is her explanation of her political philosophy. That is mirrored by Mike Huckabee’s A Simple Government, which reveals where he’s coming from in his understanding of the proper role of the federal government in the system the Founders created. You will also find Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, which is foundational in grasping the relationship of modern liberalism to the worldview of twentieth-century fascism. It’s a controversial book, but I offer my take on its value.

Another book, The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition, written by Coalition insider Joel Vaughan, provides a warning to Christians involved in politics, and Richard Reinsch’s analysis of Whittaker Chambers as a counterrevolutionary rather than a conservative, is one that I can heartily recommend.

In the general section, I’ve included the controversial novel/fantasy tale The Shack, which breaks formulas as it examines the nature of the God-man relationship. Another addition to this page is a book of meditations on the writings of C.S. Lewis; I found it especially valuable for personal devotions. Finally, Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven gets my enthusiastic endorsement. As you read my description of its virtues, you will understand why.

Keep in mind those are just the ones I’ve added in the past few days. Those pages are already filled with great books that can benefit you personally both spiritually and intellectually. Actually, I don’t like to distinguish between those words. They really do go together.

So if you have a few minutes, click on “Recommended Reading”; you may be adding to your library.