Primaries, Palin, & the Press

The presidential primaries are not until next year, but the contestants are lining up for the race already. On the Democrat side, there is no contest, although there should be. The last time a sitting Democrat president was seriously challenged for the nomination of his own party was in 1980 when Ted Kennedy tried to wrest it from Jimmy Carter. Kennedy failed miserably. Anyone who tries again this year will face the same fate, regardless how discredited President Obama may be in the public’s eye.

The real race is on the Republican side, and we haven’t yet seen the final list of those who will be part of it. Some in the media have concluded that Republicans cannot field a quality slate of contenders because Obama is unbeatable. The mantra of “invevitable reelection” was designed well before this date. The fawning portion of the media [which appears to be the majority] declared his 2008 victory well ahead of the actual election; they are doing the same now. This is no surprise; they share his radical agenda.

There are actually so many Republicans wanting to battle Obama and his policies that it’s almost breathtaking. Just because Mike Huckabee, Mitch Daniels, and Donald Trump have opted out doesn’t mean there is a dearth of real challengers. It seems as if everyone and his brother and sister think they have a shot.

The mainstream media has anointed Mitt Romney as the “frontrunner,” a title that is laughable at this time. I remember quite clearly they did the same for Rudy Guiliani in 2008. Anyone remember him winning the nomination? In fact, anyone remember him winning any caucus or primary? It’s absurd to anoint anyone right now. Besides, Romney has plenty of negatives, not the least of which is Romneycare:

He says he will overturn Obamacare. Why? He provided the model for it and refuses to acknowledge its liabilities. He’s not the Republican savior.

The real fun this week has been the Palin bus tour of America’s historic sites. The media are beside themselves trying to figure out if this is her unconventional way of declaring her candidacy. They are upset with her for not providing itineraries ahead of time; they don’t know for sure where she will be. In Gettysburg, she even slipped out of the hotel and went to the battlefield without them knowing, while they stayed glued to her bus.

They’re getting rather upset. This isn’t fair. She isn’t playing by the rules. And she seems to be enjoying every minute of their angst.

As grossly unfair as they have been to her ever since she was picked to be McCain’s running mate, why should they expect to be treated with any special respect? What are they—entitled? Palin has her own timetable and plans; she has no obligation to share them with a disreputable press.

Is she running? I have no idea. But whether she is or not, I will savor these moments just for the pure joy of seeing the media frothing at the mouth.