Day: May 24, 2011

Registration Announcement

Ever since this blog began in 2008, I have opened it up for registrations and comments. A couple of things have transpired since then. First, I am getting spam registrations by the dozens. It finally reached a peak today with probably more than one hundred. Second, the rise of Facebook since 2008 has created another avenue for comments on my posts, and my friends and acquaintances have used that medium for comments rather than directly on this site. Therefore, based… Read more »

The Media Drumbeat

Have you caught the new media mantra? It goes something like this: “What a weak field of presidential aspirants on the Republican side. There’s no one of real stature there.” The goal of some, I believe, is to repeat this endlessly until the majority believes it. After all, if something is uttered often enough, it must be true, right? Well, that field includes a former governor of Minnesota who managed a Democrat-majority state for two terms and still maintains his… Read more »