The Senate Goes AWOL

Six senators—dubbed “The Gang of Six”— have been working to come up with some kind of budget deal that they think everyone will accept. Of course, they could just adopt the Ryan plan already passed by the House, but that is anathema to the Democrat-controlled Senate. So these six, comprised of three Democrats and three Republicans, have labored to find something that will work.

No more. The six have been reduced to five with the withdrawal of Sen. Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma. He finally concluded that Democrats were not serious about real spending reductions. In other words, he’s come to a moment of clarity.

And Harry Reid, supposed majority leader, isn’t in any hurry to offer a plan. He spends most of his time blaming Republicans, despite the fact that House Republicans have put forward a plan that has passed that chamber.

Sen. Reid is about as phony as they come.

While the Senate fiddles, the U.S. economy fizzles. The debt continues to grow:

There are a few other problems as well:

To add to the consternation, there’s the issue of the debt ceiling being reached. What should Congress do about that? Well, a lesson from private life might be helpful:

Maybe it would be better to learn to live within our means and cut back? Nah, what am I thinking? That would show too much common sense.