Who Has the Vision?

Mike Huckabee is out. I’m sad over that, but trust his judgment. Donald Trump is out. I’m thrilled over that, yet not assured that he will stay out, but will try his hand at an independent run, thereby throwing the race to Obama.

This week, Newt Gingrich pretty much frittered away any chance he had, however small. I wasn’t his supporter anyway, but I at least acknowledge his ability to communicate and his flair for coming up with ideas. His marital failings, and the manner in which they were carried out, reveal a deeper problem. I believe God can turn someone around via true repentance, but I wasn’t convinced his repentance was very genuine. Yet now, with his attack on Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan for getting us out of our debt problem, Gingrich has alienated most of the rest of Republicans who weren’t as focused on moral issues.

I never believed Gingrich had much of a chance to get the nomination in the first place, but he is now electoral toast with Republican primary voters. His political fate is sealed, and his run is over almost as soon as it began.

That leads some commentators to think that Mitt Romney is the frontrunner, which I find highly disturbing. This is the man who won’t disavow his own healthcare plan that is bankrupting Massachusetts. Somehow, he wants us to believe that what he did with that plan, which is the forerunner for Obamacare, is somehow different than the Obama approach.

Sorry, I’m not convinced. If this is the best the Republicans can do, they will deserve to lose again in 2012. However, I’m still hopeful that primary voters will not succumb to this type of doubletalk and will instead gravitate toward someone who will effectively challenge the Obama agenda and present a positive vision for the future.

Who will that be?