Stupid Is As Stupid Does?

I want to go on record as admiring former President Bush for not showing up at Ground Zero the other day when invited by President Obama. What it means is that Bush is not a narcissist—he doesn’t live for his own glory. He will be there on 9/11 this year to commemorate that fateful day ten years ago, but he didn’t use the death of bin Laden to crow about his own greatness.

As for President Obama …

For someone who talks about not “spiking the football,” he seems to be doing a bit of end zone celebrating. He also talked on 60 Minutes about how the time watching the operation go down was the longest of his life. Please—it’s not really all about you.

A number of sources within the intelligence community have pointed to the enhanced interrogation techniques as one of the keys for getting the information that ultimately led to finding bin Laden. Yet what is this administration doing? Attorney General Eric Holder is still moving forward in an attempt to prosecute those who conducted those interrogations.

To quote Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.” I think I’m finally beginning to understand that phrase; I’m seeing it in action.