Osama bin Laden & Other Realities

Many have commented on the utterly fantastic/unreal situation of the hideout of bin Laden being right under the nose of the Pakistani military, so I won’t belabor the point. This cartoon, however, hits the right tone:

President Obama will have his day[s?] in the sun over the takedown of bin Laden, and some are speculating that this will make him unbeatable in 2012. Would that be just as unbeatable as George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992 after he had a 91% approval rating in March 1991? The president still has to deal with other realities—many of his own making:

The budget issue is not going to go away. The Obama approach to the budget, which says we can wring everything we need out of the rich, has been tried before. Where does he get these ideas?

In Obamaland, corporations are inherently evil [unless they are funding his campaigns], and something must be done to ensure they “pay their fair share.” There’s only one problem with that:

Democrats are trying to make the Ryan budget invisible as well. They are not up to making the tough decisions because their philosophy of government doesn’t allow them to go there. More taxes. More spending. That is their “path to prosperity.”

It never works. Frankly, I’m not sure some of them really want it to work anyway. They’re far more interested in control than prosperity. Watch the debates as it goes forward and be alert to that possibility.