Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

So many cartoons, so few days in the week. A bevy of excellent commentary surfaced this week on the Obama approach to the deficit and government spending. Let me give you some samples:

There seems to be a certain amount of wishful thinking going on—a desire to pretend that things really aren’t as bad as they are. The spending spree continues as if there’s no problem, but as with people who use their credit cards recklessly, there is a day coming when the government can’t keep doing what it has been doing:

I remember when Bill Clinton said that the age of big government was over. I didn’t really believe he was sincere, but at least he was forced to deal with the economic and political reality. The current administration refuses to recognize that reality:

No, everyone doesn’t love it. Memories are short; there was an election last November in which a significant portion of the electorate said “NO” to the old ways. Of course, President Obama can pay lip service to that call, but what’s actually on his mind, and what truly motivates him?

This president is probably the most unserious [if that is a word] chief executive in the nation’s history—and that’s saying a lot when you have Bill Clinton in that lineup. If all else fails, Obama can revert to his standard line and hope everyone will buy into it:

Will the nation close its eyes and drink the Kool-Aid once again in 2012? For the sake of our future, we need to pray that wisdom will prevail this time.