A Truth that Sustains

We are surrounded by information. In fact, I marvel sometimes at how much has changed during my life. I remember, as a boy, that we had a party line for our telephone service. Can you even imagine anymore picking up the phone, hearing someone else talking, and have to hang up and wait until they’re done to make your own call? Now it’s virtually impossible to find anyone whose cell phone isn’t their constant companion.

I do appreciate having the world at my fingertips, yet I wonder if we are overloaded with all that information. While it can be a blessing to be in almost instantaneous touch with someone and to know what’s happening in all other parts of the world with a simple internet search, have we become so attached to this new way of life that we miss things that might be more important?

Cable news, which I also appreciate, is continuously on the lookout for “breaking news.” In the past, there may have been just as many awful things happening, but we’re certainly more aware of them now. Can that make us think everything is worse than it used to be, or is it truly worse?

I was struck by the following cartoon a few days ago:

Well, if that epitaph is true, someone does remember her name. It’s probably written in the Book of Life. God always remembers, and that, in the rush of our modern lives, is a truth that can sustain us.