Libya, the President, & Constitutional Authority

Moammar Qaddafi has been a renegade and terrorist supporter for decades. He deserves to be toppled. I want to see him go. I do have some issues, though, with how we have decided to handle this current Libyan crisis. My concerns are constitutional.

I could try to explain those concerns, but someone else has already done it so superbly that I will defer to him.

Andrew McCarthy, in a piece in National Review, lays out the best arguments I’ve seen for how to proceed constitutionally in a situation such as this. He makes clear distinctions between times when it is acceptable for a president to act on his own initiative and when he must first get congressional approval for military actions. I find his arguments persuasive, so I recommend you read what he has so carefully considered. You can go to his article here. I trust you will find it thoughtful and will appreciate his fidelity to constitutional principles as we try to discern the proper way to respond to the all-too-familiar chaos engulfing the Islamic world.