The Great Disappearing Act

Congress passed another stopgap continuing resolution so the government can continue to function. This needs to end sometime, and our deficit problem must be met head-on. That, of course, will require some tough choices on spending, but it won’t be easy to get Democrats to agree to those cuts.

Just last week, Harry Reid bemoaned how the proposed cuts would end a very valuable program for cowboy poetry. Let me repeat that: a very valuable program for cowboy poetry. I decided I should repeat it because you might have thought you read it wrong. No, he was serious.

I’m trying to recall which provision in the Constitution allows taxpayer money to be used for cowboy poetry. If you find it, please let me know.

So the fiscal issue is a major concern. Will Congress be able to tackle it, or will stubborn resistance to cuts lead to a government shutdown? Someone needs to face reality.

There are also social issues on the docket. For instance, Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood, which is the foremost proponent of abortion-on-demand in the country. Again, where does the Constitution authorize taxpayer money to take the lives of innocent children? Is the Congress going to be able to find common ground here?

The “great disappearing act” is going to make those issues troublesome as well.

At least we have a president who is fully engaged with the most pressing issues of the day:

He was known as “Senator Present” in the Illinois Senate when he voted “present” a multitude of times. It appears we now have “President Present.” Of course, when I consider what he would promote if he truly were engaged, it makes me thankful that he has decided to be a non-entity.