Oil, Energy, & Obama’s Perspective

How high will the gas prices go this time? And will they come down again, like they did before? There are no guarantees. The spike in oil prices can only be a detriment to an economy that remains stagnant.

President Obama has no love for the oil industry. Some commentators believe he actually wants the higher oil prices to force the country into his concept of green energy, which will necessarily lead to higher energy costs. What is his energy policy, really? And what will it do to an economy already staggering?

Others say that outlook is too cynical. How could a president ever want to force people into ever-spiraling energy prices? Well, if he truly were concerned about this, wouldn’t he rush to open up the permits for more domestic drilling, so we wouldn’t be so dependent on foreign oil? One would hope so, but that’s not what we see occurring:

His approach to energy makes no sense if you are reasoning as an American who wants a robust nation. So Obama’s reasoning must be from a different perspective. What could that be?

Scary? Indeed.