European Weaklings

“Men are from Venus” is what Mark Steyn calls the third chapter in his book America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. Wait a minute—isn’t that supposed to be “men are from Mars”? You know, real men who stand up for the right and defend the weak? Well, according to Steyn, that’s not what we see anymore in Europe.

The nanny state has become so all-encompassing that European nations have been reduced to weaklings, and we all know what bullies do to weaklings. In this case, the bullies are identified as the radical Islamists. This all started with the demeaning of traditional Christian faith in Europe. Steyn notes, “If (as Europe has done) you marginalize religion, only the marginalized will have religion. That’s why France’s impoverished Muslim ghettos display more cultural confidence than the wealthiest enclaves of the capital.”

With Islamic terrorism such a constant threat, why is Europe practically asleep at the switch? Steyn spells out the problem:

In this long twilight struggle brought into focus by September 11, the hard cultures will survive and the soft won’t. In Europe, the soft culture is so pervasive—state pensions, protected jobs, six weeks of paid vacation, lavish unemployment benefits if the thirty-five-hour work week sounds too grueling—that the citizen is little more than a junkie on the state narcotic. Faced with the perfect storm of swollen pension liabilities and collapsed birth rates, even Continental politicians recognize the need to wean their citizenry off some of these entitlements. But the citizens don’t. What do they care if their country will be bankrupt in twenty years and extinct in seventy? Not my problem, man. Call me when I get back from the beach.

I can’t help but think of the Wisconsin situation as I read these words. While we’re not as far gone as Europe, if some groups get their way, we will be in the same mess.

Steyn’s analysis continues:

Modern social-democratic states are so corrosive of their citizens’ wills and so enervating in elevating secondary priorities over primary ones that most of them would not survive even without the Islamists. That’s a remarkable thought: Europe doesn’t need an enemy; it’s losing to its own torpor. A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have, starting with your sense of self-reliance.

Will all European nations succumb to this? A recent report from CBN News shows just what’s happening in France right now, as Muslim culture threatens to dominate. It’s a sobering video that you can view by clicking here.

It only lasts for four minutes and fifty seconds, but it will give you a new perspective on what’s happening. Interestingly, it also includes remarks from some French observers who do “get it” and want to reverse the trend. Will they be successful?