What Islamic Terrorism?

A couple of developments on the radical Islam front: pressure on one radio host to stop talking about it, which led to a resignation, and congressional hearings on the dangers associated with Muslim extremists that has sparked protests [what else is new?] and death threats [another “what else is new?”].

Former congressman Fred Grandy, who before his congressional career was a fixture on the TV series The Love Boat, resigned from his popular radio talk show in the Washington, DC, area last week. He and his wife had used the show to warn about the radical Islamic threat. The station said his wife couldn’t return to the show due to her outspoken comments. In return, Grandy resigned. Both he and his wife suspect pressure came from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which the government has indicated continues to support terrorist groups.

In Congress, New York Representative Peter King has begun hearings on Islamic radicalism and its threat to the nation. King chairs the Homeland Security Committee, which means an investigation of that type should not be controversial, given that 9/11 [anyone remember that?] was inspired by Islamic radicalism, and every major threat since then—whether the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square bomber—have all been Muslim terrorists. Successful attacks—Ft. Hood and the killing of U.S. soldiers in Germany last week—again were by such extremists.

Yet Rep. King is now receiving death threats and must have added personal security.

And what are Obama and other administration spokesman doing in the meantime? Warning against undue suspicion against Muslims, decrying the investigation, and refusing to call Muslim terrorist acts Muslim terrorist acts. Gives you a lot of confidence in our leadership, doesn’t it?

I plan to deal more with this issue the next two days, as I offer once again some choice analysis from Mark Steyn’s groundbreaking book America Alone. His comments will be worth your time, so stay with me.