The Executive Branch Revisited

It’s time once again to make the rounds of political cartoons, this time dealing with how President Obama carries out the duties of his office. For instance, remember that gargantuan budget proposal not too long ago? It was ripe for humor.

Then there’s the Obama administration’s approach to enforcing the law. Two cartoonists picked up on this one:

That last one could be used in our elementary schools to enlighten our children on the checks and balances built into the system.

Then there was the president speaking to governors recently and telling them they could choose to opt out of his healthcare law in 2014:

Of course, what he didn’t say is that the only opt-out available is if the states have their own system that duplicates the requirements of the federal law. Where’s the opt-out part again? I think I missed that.

What it really comes down to is that President Obama has one actual strength when it comes to politics: