Wisconsin Courage

Last night, I saw video from the Wisconsin House as the Republicans passed the new law limiting collective bargaining for public sector unions. It was pretty instructive to see the Democrat lawmakers, many of whom chose not to vote, screaming and acting like spoiled children after the vote ended. It was a foretaste of what will probably occur in the Wisconsin Senate if the Democrats there ever decide to do the job for which they were elected and being paid by the taxpayers. The difference between how Republicans and Democrats are handling the situation is rather stark:

It’s also just as instructive for those who may not be up to speed on public sector unions to see how their members have been acting—occupying the capitol building [reminiscent of 1960s-style mayhem on university campuses], threatening legislators, and practically foaming at the mouth over the presence of Fox News reporters. I think they’ve forgotten one very important thing:

It’s about time the bosses realize they are being fleeced and take a stand. Congratulations to the Wisconsin House for showing courage under some of the most intense pressure imaginable. Now if the Senate gets its opportunity to vote, freedom from these bullying tactics may be achieved. Take note, Ohio and Indiana.