I’ve stored up a number of Mallard Fillmore cartoons. It’s time to unleash them. For those unfamiliar with this daily comic strip, I hope you find its willingness to take on political correctness refreshing.

For instance, when it comes to civil discourse and hate speech, here are a couple of offerings:

It gets pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Education is also in the “crosshairs” for this cartoonist frequently. Often he bases his cartoons on actual studies:

Now, to be clear, I love the college students I teach, but overall, I cannot really dispute this finding. I can only hope this is not the case with students I get the opportunity to teach. Here’s a followup:

That reminds me of the progressive educator who commented that illiteracy is not so bad—illiterates won’t be reading anything worthless. Of course, there’s the other side of that—they won’t be reading anything worthwhile either. And their ability to evaluate and analyze will be severely impaired.

Well, why should we worry about the future of education? After all, President Obama is on the path to make college a reality for everyone:

Far-fetched? I hope so.