Doing My Thinking for Me

As I sit here to write this blog entry today, I’m particularly tired. It was a good week at the university in the sense that I got to teach a lot, but that’s the reason why I’m so tired. I guess I don’t have quite the same stamina as earlier in my life. Could age have something to do with that? Surely not.

Anyway, I’ve decided that since my brain is not at peak efficiency right now, I’ll allow some of the cartoons I’ve been storing do my thinking for me. Here are a couple on that whole blame game initiated by the Tucson shooting:

Obamacare is always a wonderful target:

And did you read about the head of General Electric becoming one of Obama’s chief advisors? I’m sure there’s no conflict of interest there:

Finally, just for fun:

I’m grateful for those who can step in and carry the day when I’m not up to it. I promise to do my own thinking again very soon.