The State of Denial Address

A number of commentators have stated their opinion that Obama’s State of the Union Address was rather flat, not only in his delivery but in his same old “solutions” to our problems. There was nothing really dramatic that would change our current direction.

Even his call for a five-year spending freeze was reminiscent of his three-year freeze proposal last year. What freeze? Did I miss that? Supposing he is actually serious [a rather large supposition], the freeze would be targeted only on areas that wouldn’t really make much of a difference:

I think that illustrates its effectiveness pretty well.

The Obama worldview, and the policies connected with it, doesn’t really lend itself to genuine concern over spending. After all, it was this administration that said we have to spend our way out of the recession. They’ve accomplished the spending part of the equation, but don’t expect the recession to end as a result. I’ve referred a number of times to the fantasy world in which the president seems to reside. This latest speech shows that he still lives there:

He talks a lot now about creating jobs, but his policies militate against success:

The problem, of course, is that hot air doesn’t weigh enough. Look past the talk and concentrate on the actions; that’s the only way to make an accurate assessment.