Responsible Government … For a Change

So President Obama gave his view on the current state of our union. Then the Republicans responded, via Rep. Paul Ryan, with their approach, which is the polar opposite of the president’s. Even Rep. Michele Bachmann gave a Tea Party response. Two out of three got it right. That’s because there is a difference in worldview, philosophy of government, and economic policies as wide as the Pacific Ocean between the two sides in this debate.

Republicans are moving forward with their plans to reverse the backward movement of the past two years. On the economic front, it just makes good sense to change direction, even if you don’t adhere to a sound economic philosophy—our $14 trillion yoke of oppression makes it obvious that we cannot continue to follow the present path.

The old accepted procedure is to continue to raise the debt ceiling. There is a limit to that:

What is true of individuals is also true of governments. We need to recognize that and respond properly this time. As I said before, the only way the debt ceiling should ever be raised at this time is if there is an ironclad guarantee that massive spending cuts will be connected with it. Ideally, though, there should be no raising of the ceiling. We won’t default a minute after the vote; there will be time to figure out how to make the cuts that are absolutely necessary.

Will we see responsible government this time? Keep praying, and continue to hold representatives accountable.