The Media's Perspective on 2010

I love all those year-in-review segments on the news channels. Sometimes they are interesting; other times, they are rather humorous. For example, in dissecting why the November elections turned out as they did, you might hear something like this:

The answers are not all that difficult to discern. Yet the media continues to portray political developments in the best light possible for the administration:

There’s also a lot of talk about President Obama veering to the center of the political spectrum. I’m not yet convinced. In fact, I think the following perspective is closer to the truth:

If I’m wrong, and he does attempt to govern from the center, I know it will be for political expediency only, and not because he has changed his views. The next task will then be to enlighten the general public on that point, so that the media won’t be allowed to frame the issue in its own way.

Unfortunately, it’s almost as if we desire to be fooled at times. Maintaining our liberty requires that we pay close attention to what is really happening.