Common Sense: Missing in Action

I returned from a ten-day visit to Tucson late last week and had to go through the airport screening as usual. Fortunately, I was not directed to the whole-body scanner; if I had been, I would have chosen the patdown instead. I did, though, see just who was being chosen for the whole-body-scanner experience: an elderly man and a middle-aged woman, both of whom were about as close to being a terrorist as one of my grandsons. I still pray for common sense to prevail.

There were some recordbreaking low temperatures while I was away, both in Tucson and back home in Lakeland, Florida. And of course the entire east coast was blitzed by an unusual blizzard for this time of year. That made for some rather poignant political cartoons:

The global-warming crowd is sounding more ludicrous all the time. Did you know that all this snow and record-low temperatures are due to global warming? That’s become the “answer” to all questions, and if you believe otherwise, you are considered an idiot:

Has common sense disappeared entirely?

Of course, there are some real idiots out there:

I thought I’d throw that one in just for fun.