Enemies of Christ

On this Christmas eve, I’m going to be as politically incorrect as always. I’ve already begun by referring to this holiday as Christmas. The war over Christmas has shown no letup. It becomes more absurd each year.

Let’s be honest. It’s actually a war against Christianity. The word “Christmas” offends because it points to Christ. Well, Jesus Himself said he would be a stumbling block for many. He also said that people love the darkness and hate the light. He warned his disciples that they would be hated because of Him. So, even though I deplore this “war,” it’s not really unexpected. We’ve been told about it ahead of time. We should be prepared for it.

Thus far, the enemies of Christ have not been able to shut Him out completely. There are still too many of His followers inhabiting this nation. The rays of His light continue to shine, and sometimes one can yet see them in the culture:

Thank God. I mean that—literally.