The Reid Agenda

Sen. Reid sure had an ambitious agenda for this lame-duck Congress. Considering how much he wanted to do, it would have been good if he had a year or so to present everything; instead, he tried to cram it all through in a few short weeks.

But “Dr.” Reid hasn’t been all that successful, thankfully. The $1.1 trillion omnibus bill bit the dust late Thursday. He warned the Republicans that if they didn’t support it, the government wouldn’t have the money to function. Amazingly, his 1,900-plus-page bill has been replaced by a one-pager that will accomplish the same goal. The new Congress—you know, the one the people recently elected—can tackle the details in January. By the way, this budget was supposed to have been presented before October 1. What was holding Sen. Reid back? Could it be he was trying to sneak something through again?

Mercifully, it is now extinct.

His DREAM Act, which is basically amnesty for many illegal immigrants, is up for a vote soon. Not entirely sure what’s going to happen there, but if it passes, we will have codified lawlessness. And then, there is that START Treaty with Russia that Vice President Biden says we shouldn’t worry about, even though half of it is written in Russian. We’re supposed to go ahead and rush that through also without fully understanding what might happen.

There’s no urgent need to decide this before the new year. Again, it’s far better to allow the new Congress to debate its merits.

Another possible “victory” he might achieve may be the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with respect to homosexuality in the military. It’s already through the House [which might not have happened in January] and poised to pass in the Senate due to a number of Republican senators coming on board. Even conservatives such as Senator-elect Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania has said he would support it. This shows one of the biggest potential fault lines within the GOP: economic conservatives who have no concern for basic moral issues such as this.

There should be no distinction; traditional moral beliefs do not contradict support for free enterprise economics. The two should work together. In my view, this is one of the biggest battles ahead. If DADT is repealed, those who hold to basic Biblical truth must continue to try to reverse the repeal. The Left never gives up; neither should we.

So, Sen. Reid, you may accomplish one of your destructive goals.

Now, go home. Enjoy your break. Come back to a new reality when Congress reconvenes next year.