May It Be

Yesterday, I wrote about the federal judge in Virginia who astutely speared the healthcare bill by pointing out in his ruling that the individual mandate forcing people to buy health insurance was manifestly unconstitutional. I used a fairly good number of words to describe that, but one cartoonist illustrated it rather succinctly:

Back up that vehicle; let’s restore the original intent.

In other congressional news, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is at it again. He’s attempting to shove another massive bill through the Congress without anyone getting a chance to read it. What is this penchant for 2,000-page bills, anyway? This is reminiscent of the ploy he used to ram through Obamacare.

Reid obviously is ignoring the results of the November elections and acting as if nothing has changed. The bill’s cost is $1.1 trillion [1 billion of which is for the healthcare boondoggle] and includes more than 20,000 earmarks. This is the dying wish of a lame-duck Congress that knows it won’t have this kind of opportunity again. It’s also without conscience–the voters said no to these shenanigans, and many of those who are pushing it won’t be in office next month.

Stated plainly, it is wrong for a discredited legislative body to try to force its way on the American people after those people have thrown them out of power. Republicans are saying they will filibuster and do anything else they can to kill this. Let’s hope they are true to their promise.

The Obama/Democrat policies have been a disaster because they are based on unsound principles. I think I sense a spirit from the past reasserting itself:

May it be, Lord. May it be.