Obama's Tactics

The proposed tax deal is still the talk of the political world. First, there’s the substance, which is good with respect to maintaining the Bush tax cuts, but not so good on unemployment benefits and the estate tax. Second, there’s the politics of it all. That’s where the president fell down on the job completely.

His own party is hopping mad at him, primarily because he didn’t include them in the negotiations. This is not a man who knows how to work well with others; he seems to think he can handle things himself. Now he’s getting some grief over that approach. The threat is real:

Now that’s scary.

To remedy his oversight, he’s brought in Bill Clinton to make the case for him. It was a little surreal last week when he introduced Clinton at a White House press conference and then turned it over to him totally. Some people had nightmares of the return of the Clinton era. Just what can the former president teach the current one?

But of course, he still has his ace in the hole:

Not very original, to be sure. Is this really his only tactic? Stay tuned and we’ll see how prophetic this is.