The Lame-Duck Congress

Does anyone remember that an election took place about a month ago? If so, please remind the current congressional leadership. This lame-duck Congress is desiring to throw away its crutches.

The election said one thing quite demonstrably: the Democrat leadership is hereby repudiated. Yet that leadership, still clinging to its last gasps of power, is attempting to ram through a series of bills that it knows won’t stand a chance in January when the new members take their seats.

Yesterday, the House voted to raise taxes on anyone making more than $250,000 by letting the Bush tax cuts expire when the new year begins. Now, that’s not the way they framed it, of course. They want us to see them as the champions of the “little guy,” who needs the current tax rates to stay where they are. But those evil rich people don’t deserve such a “break.” They had their vote; they made their political point as they once again tried to create class warfare. Yet it was all for show and isn’t going to be accepted in the Senate, where the Republican minority can stall it.

In fact, Republicans in the Senate have decided they will filibuster any bill that is not dealing with the two most crucial items: extending the tax cuts to everyone and ensuring that a budget is passed. Anything else is peripheral at the moment.

I firmly believe it is wrong, in light of the late elections and what they mean, for this very lame duck to continue to push its agenda. All other matters should be left for the new Congress to debate, a Congress that more fully represents what the American people voted for in November.

The Pelosi-Reid circus needs to come to an inglorious end immediately.

When this new Congress does meet, it can then be held accountable for carrying out the mandate it has received. The president, meanwhile, will have a new tactic he can use:

Be prepared for it. It will come to pass.