Time to Get Serious

Some individuals, when they get a taste of power, have a hard time letting go. They develop the mentality that they deserve their position, regardless of how they’ve wielded that power. A case in point:

It’s also difficult to make the rest of the election losers realize their time is up. For instance, we have a congressional session ready to start shortly, with all the old congressmen and senators, many of whom won’t be there in January. Rumors are that they will try to ram through unpopular measures before they leave. Someone needs to remind them of their status:

Meanwhile, President Obama is still selling the same message, but its reception may be quite different two years after he first propounded it:

There certainly are problems that need to be addressed, but I don’t trust the current Congress to address them appropriately. I fear the remedies they will propose:

Of course, the new Congress that arrives in January has to be focused. The “marriage” between establishment Republicans and those heavily influenced by the Tea Party movement could be a little shaky. The establishment types are going to need some prodding:

It’s time to take our problems seriously and tackle them with viable solutions. We can begin by being faithful to the Constitution. The answers will flow from that faithfulness.