Democrat Leadership: No Change

For those who were wondering how the president would respond to an electoral “shellacking,” the suspense is over. Well, there wasn’t really that much suspense anyway. His ideology won’t allow him to admit his policies are detrimental, so he has to find others to blame. It could get a little weird:

Some observers still hold out hope that he might recognize the problem, but given his concept of reality, that hope seems a trifle far-fetched:

Something more than a simple course correction is needed—a new ship would be a better solution. Yet the Democrat ship of state continues on its present course, as evidenced by the fact that Nancy Pelosi is running to keep her leadership post in the party. Could that perhaps be a disaster for the Democrats?

She’s even holding a party to celebrate all the wonderful achievements of Congress over the past two years. How out of touch can one person be?


Well, she does have support on the extreme left—which is about all that remains of her party in the House. Yet she’s also getting support from another interest group:

Too bad.