A House Cleaning

I normally try to keep my posts relatively short, knowing that when you get too long-winded, readers tend to migrate elsewhere. It’s pretty hard, though, to say everything I believe needs to be said in just a few words. Sometimes, pictures help.

In the House, so many incumbent Democrats lost, there’s no way I can comment on even the key races—most of them were key. Their replacements are on a mission to restore constitutionality. As for those who lost, there’s a silver lining for them, too:

Perhaps in the private sector, they will learn a few lessons about real life. Meanwhile, back in the Congress, maybe we’ll try a different direction in policy:

Tuesday was merely the first battle in an interminable war—vigilance can never cease. The job is not done; rather, it begins now, and it must extend beyond the Congress:

Tomorrow, I’ll look more specifically at some of the highlights, from my perspective.