The New D-Day

The term D-Day, which we now use for June 6, 1944, simply meant “decision day.” Based on that, I can say we now have reached another D-Day for the nation. After today, the Congress may look very different. After today, the Obama agenda may be endangered—and rightly so.

Have you noticed that very few Democrats are running on that agenda? How many are touting their vote for the healthcare bill, for instance? They’ve been running away from it as fast as they can. For some, it won’t be fast enough:

I’ve often commented that our president seems to be living in a fantasy world. To what extent, I wonder?

In the midst of great change, though, one thing will not change:

What can the Democrats count on for sure on this new D-Day? What can they depend upon?

Perhaps 2012 can change even that.