Election Cartoon Day

This is one of those days when I would like to let the cartoons do most of the talking. As we get close to election day, we keep hearing excuses for how bad things are.

And of course you’ve done nothing to add to the problem, right? If the House elections turn out the way they appear to be going, there will be new leadership—if we can get the old leaders to leave:

What happened to all those Obama promises?

Actually, I think the regret has set in already, only not in the way the president thinks. What does the decision really come down to?

Reality vs. fantasy. That fantasy world is still active in Obama’s mind. While out campaigning, he has taken to saying the Republicans are going to have to sit in the back seat. Cartoonists have had a good time with that comment:

Here’s another take on the same theme:

In both scenarios, the vehicle the president is driving seems in need of urgent help. I wonder if he realizes it?