French Fried

Overlooked while focusing on American election news are the riots taking place in France. Like most European nations that have gone the socialist route, France has had to reappraise its ability to provide such extensive government services. Hence a move toward austerity measures that have led to outrage among the socialized masses. What terrible policy has the government proposed? Raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. Wow, how mean-spirited can a government get?

Police have had to crack down on the protesters.

If you don’t get that one, study it for a while.

While Democrats in America accuse Tea Party people and other conservatives of being extreme, they are silent about the extremists at the other end of the spectrum—the French violence emanates from the communists in their midst. We seem to have a hard time recognizing genuine extremism.

Well, I don’t want America to become like Europe, either. Yet we have a segment of our society that loves all things European; they think Americans are backward and unintelligent. You can see them basking in the glow of the sophistication Europe has to offer:

May it never be.