Military Ballots and Political Correctness

I would hate to omit some stories in the rush of election coverage, but there is one that is directly related to the upcoming elections that should make anyone wonder what’s going on. Of all the people who should be allowed to vote, those serving in the armed forces overseas, particularly in Afghanistan, should have top priority. They are literally the front line of defense against terrorism.

Yet two of our largest states, New York and Illinois, missed deadlines for sending troops their absentee ballots. In New York, some counties, including New York City, even missed an extended deadline. In Illinois, they graciously extended the number of days for a postmarked ballot to be returned—by one day.

Is this merely incompetence or is there something political going on here? It is assumed that most soldiers vote Republican, and those two states are controlled by Democrats. Yet I can also easily believe that gross incompetence is the culprit. Either way, this is atrocious.

We’ve already seen in the past week how subservient to Islamic pressure the media is—Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar storming of the set of The View in protest of Bill O’Reilly’s comment that Muslims were behind 9/11, and the firing of Juan Williams by NPR. Well, we must not be Islamophobic, right?

I mean, who wants to be unsophisticated and mean-spirited? Certainly not the mainstream media. Who can blame serious citizens for seeking information elsewhere?

There are so many more options now. The proliferation of media sources is one of the best developments of the past few decades. No longer are we held hostage by an elite that fashions the news in its own image. Some things actually do get better with time.