The Obama Perspective

Earlier this week, I commented on President Obama’s unique insight that people who are scared don’t think too well. At the time, I didn’t link that gem with his utter disdain for the American electorate, but the electorate might return the disdain just over a week from now:

The president has also gone on the attack again. He’s had a bevy of “evil” entities he’s referenced in his short tenure: Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush [always George W. Bush]. Once more he’s let it be known how thin-skinned he really is. One wonders what his next step might be:

Well, at least he’s had practice. On this particular point, he has the requisite experience.

He continues to be upbeat, telling everyone that the Democrats are still going to be in charge. I wonder if Democrats in Congress feel the same way?

Hmmm … guess not.