Islam and Political Correctness

Is rational discussion at an all-time low? Has political correctness gotten so out of control that no one is allowed to criticize Islam? One might be excused for thinking so after the temper tantrum on The View Thursday. Why anyone would watch The View is beyond me, but sometimes it does have a guest who challenges the liberal worldview.

It was Bill O’Reilly’s turn Thursday to cause the ladies to nearly faint from shock. In a discussion that led to O’Reilly saying that most people don’t want that Ground Zero mosque to be built, he reminded his hosts that it was Muslims who killed nearly 3000 Americans on 9/11.

You would have thought he had uttered something akin to “Adolf Hitler was a nice guy.” The response was immediate and frantic. How dare he say Muslims were responsible for 9/11? He should have added the word “extremists” to be clear. Now, if they had said that in a normal tone, perhaps he would have clarified. Instead, they huffed and they puffed and two of the hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar (both known for antagonistic comments about Christians), walked off the set.

As O’Reilly later commented on his own show, when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, we didn’t refer to the attackers as extremist Japanese. We merely identified the group responsible. The same is true when we say that Muslims attacked the United States in 2001. Obviously, not all Muslims did so, but the statement is accurate. A group fueled by Islamic beliefs committed those acts. That is the truth, and we should be allowed to say so.

I’m continually amazed—almost amused—by some people’s nearly rabid fear that we are offending Muslims. How many American Muslims have been attacked by the general population? How many have died by rampaging mobs enraged by the events of 9/11? Right.

Yet around the world, reactions against any word of criticism toward Islam can yield spontaneous riots. I know there are moderate Muslims, but they seem to be rather silent. Afraid, perhaps, of reprisals from their “brethren”?

I believe Islam is a false religion. Yet I don’t attack Muslims. What I seek is to lead them into the truth of a relationship with God through Christ, the Son of God. I want to see them enter into the only kingdom that will last forever.

There are two types of diversity. The first comes from God, and is represented by the many variations within the human race, whether of skin color or whatever other natural differences one wishes to mention. God is a God of variety.

The other type of diversity wants to celebrate differences that are not natural, but the result of differing beliefs. You have to be more careful with this type of celebration:

Some differences can be lethal.