The "Rich" and Those Tax Cuts

I’m hopeful that the American voter is coming to terms with the need to extend the Bush tax cuts indefinitely. There’s always an attempt to appeal to class conflict and envy toward those who have more, but the truth is that the “rich” in Democrat-speak include any business that makes more than $250,000. These are the small businesses that do most of the hiring in the country. If they are taxed more, hiring will stall accordingly. Hurting those people [and I am not one of them] will hurt everyone in the long term.

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid refused to take a vote on extending the cuts before adjourning the Congress. They are threatening to use the lame duck session after the election to ram through whatever they want, while they still have the majority in both Houses. Of course, there are some who continue to disbelieve the polls and are hoping for the best:

After all, they staked everything on hope and change. I have a feeling the change is coming, and it might offer some genuine hope this time.