Obama: Will He Change?

While President Obama was giving a speech last week, the presidential seal on his podium fell off and crashed to the floor. Commentators had a field day with the symbolism of that event—was it emblematic of a presidency that has crashed as well?

Frankly, it’s not necessary for the presidential seal to fall to come to the conclusion that Barack Obama’s presidency is at a critical juncture. The Democrat Party is poised to lose control of the House [virtually a certainty] and possibly even the Senate, as a result of the failed policies it is promoting. The real issue is what will President Obama learn from this political thrashing?

I’ve commented more than once on the degree of hubris exhibited by this president. The photo at the left has become a standard pose for the man who seemingly has believed he is the “One.” Does he really think he is a political messiah? Anyone who has followed closely his statements and his promises might be forgiven for thinking he has more than simply a high opinion of himself. School children singing songs about him has lent an aura of a cult.

Getting back to my original question: what will he learn from November 2nd? Will he come to his senses and be humbled by the voters’ rejection of his initiatives or will he continue to push forward his radical agenda?

Author Dinesh D’ Souza, who has written a new book entitled The Roots of Obama’s Rage offers a perspective that, if accurate, provides a clue as to how he will react. D’Souza believes that Obama is inspired by an anti-colonialism spirit that denigrates the West. In one interview, D’Souza compared the president to a windup toy soldier that hits a wall but continues to bang into that wall repeatedly, even though it will never go any further. In other words, Obama is an ideologue who will refuse to change course.

Is D’Souza correct? We’ll find out shortly.