It's Both, Not Either/Or

The private sector lost 39,000 jobs last month. I’m waiting for the president to claim that’s an indication we’re moving in the right direction. What is the source of his incredible [a.k.a., not believable] outlook on the future of the economy over the past year and a half?

There are two real possibilities under discussion: either he has no understanding of how an economy works or he has an ideology that seeks to undermine the private sector so the public sector can take over. For me, it’s not so much a discussion of either/or—I suspect it’s both. On the one side,  I think he is genuinely surprised when his strong-arm tactics don’t work and he assigns blame to the wrong party:

Then there’s the other half of the Obama worldview that seems to be rooted and grounded in a certain ideology:

In both cases, he’s blind to the problems and to the solutions [both ignorance and ideology will do that]. Blindness of that type will lead to fanciful hopes and dreams:

I’m not a journalist and I’m definitely no Hollywood celebrity, but speaking on behalf of the professoriate, I can confidently say that the profession is glutted already, and there’s no room for a big influx of newcomers. I’m hoping the majority of Americans will continue to think the way they do currently, and that they won’t change into something else—for their own good.